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Case Study

Sky-High Success: Melbourne Roof Restoration Company

by Tom Richards - Lead SEO & Director

by Tom Richards - Lead SEO & Director

A roof restoration company in Melbourne approached us with a goal to increase phone calls and boost their Google My Business (GMB) listing visibility. Our 6-month SEO and GMB campaign aimed to enhance their online presence and drive more local leads to their business.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in phone calls


Increase in phone calls from GBP


Some of the challenges we encountered were:

  • Increase visibility of the client’s GMB listing
  • Boost phone calls and website traffic from local leads

Strategy and Solutions

To achieve the client’s objectives, we implemented a multi-faceted strategy that focused on both on-page SEO and GMB optimization:

  1. On-page SEO: We conducted a thorough analysis and optimization of the client’s website, addressing issues and improving keyword targeting.

  2. Link Building: We implemented a targeted link-building campaign to increase the site’s authority and search engine rankings.

  3. Location Pages: We added additional location pages to the client’s website to target specific service areas and attract local customers.

  4. GMB Optimization: We optimized the client’s GMB listing to improve visibility and encourage more phone calls from potential customers.

  5. Weekly GMB Posting & Photo Uploading: To maintain an active GMB presence, we posted regular updates and uploaded photos showcasing the client’s services.


Our comprehensive strategy led to impressive results for the client:

  1. Organic Traffic: Despite the primary focus on GMB, our on-page SEO efforts also contributed to a 75% increase in organic traffic.

  2. Google My Business: The client experienced a 214% increase in phone calls from their GMB listing, showcasing the effectiveness of our optimization efforts.

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