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At Local Lead Booster we cut the sh*t and just focus on the one metric that will boost your revnue… Phone calls.

CTR, Impressions, Keyword Rankings, Bounce Rate? ALL NOISE!

With a ton of metrics to optimise for and track, doing all of them will drive you f** insane, especially if you’re not deep in the trenches.

The 20 keywords your agency reports on each month are great…. They all may be increasing, but what’s the good in that if your phone isn’t ringing? At Local Lead Booster, we’ve got our eyes on the prize: Enquiries.

Let us boost your enquiries with our

4 step organic growth strategy

1. Deep dive audit

This audit isn’t just a casual glance. It’s a deep dive into your site’s structure, the pages that make up your online presence and your competition.

In this kick-off stage, we thoroughly examine your website to identify what’s working, what’s not, and what levers we can pull for maximum enquiry generation. Consider this our roadmap to skyrocketing your growth.

2. Fine Tune the Foundation

Fortifying your Google Business Profile, tuning your website and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

At this stage we are working with what we have.. likely you have had work done to your site so let’s make it better and get it firing on all cylinders. 

Along with plugging any leaks found so we won’t be building off a leaking ship.

3. Explosive growth

Tailored nearby suburb pages, service pages and backlinks are all part of the growth stage. Jumping back to Big G’s guidelines, in simple terms here we show your relevance for what we want to rank for and a real business.

Look… There’s no magic here, we aren’t trying to pull rabbits out of a hat. Google & your competitor’s sites have informed us what to do to get results. 

We now just put in the reps to beat em. 

4. Reflect & Adjust

Review where we come from to where we are 6 months down the track, then adjust and optimise the strategy if need be.

Looking at the key metrics month over month can be confusing with the ups and downs; it can often feel like 2 steps forward and 1 step back in the SEO world. 

So.. it’s important to review the 6 months compared to where we previously first started. 

From there, we determine what steps are best for moving forward. The strategy is a live beast and can be adjusted for the next 6 months.. Don’t get me wrong, changing strategy on a whim is bad practice. 

However.. If we find some areas of the site killing it, let’s put more focus there and explode that area even further.

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